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Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument ®

The benefits of the HBDI® in the development of organizations are significant, scalable, and long-term. As a powerful, proven organizational tool, it has served as a framework for thousands of companies for over 40 years in cognitive diversity, problem solving, and collaboration. The individual, pair partner, and team results of the HBDI® improve communication, resolve conflict, and elevate the effectiveness of decision making. The HBDI® establishes a common vocabulary and process for leadership development, team effectiveness, and innovation, leading to better business outcomes.

Hogan Leadership Forecast Series: Potential, Challenge, and Values

The Hogan Leadership Series are development-focused reports. Each
report offers information regarding the characteristics, competencies,
and values that underlie how a leader approaches work, leadership, and
interaction with others in the workplace.
Potential: The Hogan Leadership Potential Report provides executives
and managers with an in-depth evaluation of seven identified areas of
competencies and behaviors.
Challenge: The Hogan Leadership Challenge Report measures behavioral tendencies that can be obstacles to career success. These "derailers," which surface after extended amounts of time or during times of stress and heavy workloads, can interfere with the ability to build and lead high-performing teams.
Values: Hogan Leadership Values Report identifies ten core values. The values that show up above 70 are that person's core values and goals, and are the activities that he or she enjoys and that give meaning to life. This is one of the very few corporate assessments that provides feedback on values that will fundamentally build healthy cultures.

Bixler 360-Degree Feedback Report®

The Bixler 360-Degree Feedback Report© provides extensive, written,
confidential feedback from five sources: the participant, direct supervisor,
superiors, peers, and direct reports. This feedback is used to develop a
plan to leverage strengths and avoid potential career pitfalls.
The unique aspect to the Bixler 360-Degree Report is that it not only
provides a numerical feedback, but provides significant written feedback
and real-life examples for each of the 7 competencies: Leadership, Job Knowledge, Innovation, Building Talent, Character, Professionalism, Execution. This report can also be customized for specific industries, in order for leaders to obtain feedback that is most critical to their performance.
The Power of Feedback, published by Westchester Publishing and written by Susan Bixler, accompanies the report.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step 2

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step 2 is an executive level psychological
assessment that provides self-reported feedback on 4 scales with 16
different personality types. The Step 2 report adds nuance and significant
value for business professionals on perception and the taking in of
information as well as how a leader comes to conclusions, plans and