Executive Experiences

Exclusive leadership experiences that expand thinking and advance each executive's ability to grow themselves and their team members

12-Month Leadership Program | The Circle of Leadership™

Exceptional leaders are always learning and inspiring others. Growing these exceptional leaders grows revenue. The Circle of Leadership™ is a customized, year-long program that sharpens skills, creates high levels of collaboration and engagement, and drives business results. This year-long program is designed for high-potential leaders within an organization and participation will not only develop the individual's business, but also retain talent for the organization.

The participants receive on-going, professional feedback that, by design, will challenge their thinking and spark ideas, in addition to helping them better coach and develop their own teams. Being invited to participate in The Circle of Leadership™ is an acknowledgement to each participant of their capabilities and accomplishments.

This program is customized for each organization with direct application to the business. Our senior-level coaches facilitate The Circle of Leadership™ through high-impact workshops, webinars, select corporate assessments, and one-on-one coaching. Our coaches become trusted advisors as they provide insight, feedback, and leadership development individually and in group environments to each participant.


3-Day Off-Site Experience at Johnson Space Center in Houston

Each experience is carefully crafted to be a unique and stimulating environment that inspires powerful new ways of solving existing challenges. Lessons from our past are applied to current and future business challenges as participants gain perspective on overcoming risks and creating opportunities to grow their business.

The venue is the renowned Johnson Space Center and NASA in Houston. Each team will meet the remarkable astronauts of NASA.

The experienced team at Bixler Consulting Group plans and facilitates the experience, using the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument as a foundational model to link learning and insight to business results. Our goal is 3 fold:

To provide an exceptional experience that will significantly impact the approach, innovation, and decision making of each senior team
To acknowledge the contributions that they provide to their organization every day to their teams.
To help them map the future.

The emphasis on both individual and group outcomes propels each executive to become more creative and effective as an authentic player/coach/leader.