The NASA Leadership Experience

In times of uncertainty, there is no better approach than to challenge ourselves to reach for the stars.  Literally and figuratively, we must push beyond the ordinary to the extraordinary.  From impossible to possible.  From status quo to what can be imagined and achieved.

The Bixler team has crafted an experience that pushes thinking, creativity, and innovation beyond a typical leadership retreat.  We offer The NASA Leadership Experience that is inspired by space travel and cutting-edge research and development.  In a two-day, behind-the-scenes VIP experience at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and Space Center Houston, corporate teams find out what they can become through teamwork at the highest levels.

Learning firsthand about the successes, failures, and extraordinary commercial spinoffs of space travel, teams expand their approach to problem solving and calculated risk taking.  This immersion in space travel – past (Apollo), present (ISS) and future (Mars) – identifies new ways of thinking, leading, and innovating for professional growth.  It also creates a unique opportunity for team bonding and collaboration.

NASA’s charter is to ensure that their discoveries are made broadly available to the public.  As a highly successful entity, NASA has already answered some of this century’s most challenging technical problems.  Learning about the partnerships that have commercialized space technologies and produced new products is fascinating and profitable.  From smart phones to GPS, artificial limbs to enriched baby food, disease detection to disease prevention, robots to new software codes, NASA’s collaborative partnerships will continue to have a significant impact on the global economy.  In this creative environment, leaders open up to new ideas and expanded thinking.

Due to the nature of this experience, we have a limited number of teams that we are able to schedule. Please reach out to me or one of our team members if you would like to learn more about The NASA Leadership Experience provided by Bixler Consulting Group.  We customize each event to include key NASA personnel, current and retired astronauts, hands-on training, and an experience like none other. We are also encouraging the advancement of STEM and will be happy to provide contact information on student programs that NASA and Space Center Houston offers.