Strengths for Life

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Strengths for Life

Dear Colleague, Much in the world is uncertain. Much in life we don’t control. But specifically knowing your strengths and how to access them, gives you fearlessness in an uncertain world. You get to lead your life, it doesn’t lead you. Using strengths, you have an opportunity to see who you really are. You won’t […]

Is it Ego or Self-Confidence?

Dear Colleague, I was talking to one of my banking clients and he told me about a book, It’s Your Ship, by Captain D. Michael Abrashoff. Captain Abrashoff commanded the USS Benfold during the Persian Gulf War. While his ship was armed with cutting-edge technology, his crew was pretty much a rag-tag, non-functional crew. He […]

The “Unstoppable” Leader: The Power of Activators

Dear Colleague, Have you ever thought you needed just one more insight, one more leadership attribute, or one more idea to bring it all together? In chemistry, and in business, this is referred to as “The activator.” It’s the missing piece that makes everything else work better. It’s the baking soda in the cake, the […]

Why Good Leaders Stumble

Dear Colleague, What hijacks smart people to make poor quality decisions?   Why do we continue to stumble when we know better? Patty Dunn, Chairman of the Board of Hewlett Packard, a dedicated, smart and personally courageous executive by almost every measure, stands accused of allegedly spying on her own board by hiring a firm that […]

A Leadership of Opportunities

Dear Colleague, Malcolm Forbes, Sr, was asked “How can you truly know whether a company is going to be successful?”  Forbes answered, “You bet on the jockey, not the horse.” We would suggest that the word “jockey” be made plural, because it isn’t just the CEO that wins the race.  It is the whole team […]

Two Essential Characteristics of a Great Leader

 “One of the costs of being humbly successful is that others will throw stones at you, and humility requires that you throw none back.” – Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Dear Colleague, Admiral James Stockdale died recently.  He had been the highest ranking U.S. military officer in the prisoner-of-war camp during […]

Self-Deception and Honesty in Leadership

Dear Colleague, Self-deception versus honesty in leadership.  The world, especially the business world, lays enough ammo at our doorstep to flatten even the strongest leaders, the heartiest of team players. So how many business leaders seriously consider their shortcomings, acknowledge blind spots, or throw light on those hidden levels of self-deception with an honest and […]

Are You Sitting on the Bench?

Dear Colleague, On the heel of the election, this is not a political article. But I want to start with a book I just finished reading called Presidential Leadership compiled by James Taranto and Leonard Leo. So much has been written on leadership, probably because it is the #1 key driver for families, businesses and […]

An Overnight Success That Only Took 35 Years

Dear Colleague, Our firm recently celebrated 35 years in business.  One of my best buds from college called me up and said, “Ah, so this get-rich-quick scheme actually worked.”   We laughed a lot remembering my years of working off a card table, the meager revenues and the shoe string budgets, the financial crashes in the […]