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Corporate Assessments

Bixler consultants each have a minimum of 20+ years of experience administering corporate assessments. We provide a comprehensive suite of 5 corporate assessments, which are customized for each client. These foundational assessments provide our clients with an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, insight into their leadership style and thinking preferences.  Our goal is to provide clarity and advice that will grow stronger leaders and synthesize the unique abilities of each organization.

Coaching Programs

We offer one-on-one customized coaching by a team of experienced corporate coaches with a robot suite of leadership assessments. We provide insight, feedback, and follow-up in a confidential environment.

Executive Experiences

Our Customized Executive Experiences are exclusive leadership experiences that expand thinking and advance each executive’s ability to grow themselves and their team members. We offer a variety of experiences, ranging from a 12-month leadership program to a 3-day offsite at one of our unique venues.