Recent studies indicate that 86% of US businesses are not prepared for future leadership requirements.  Adding to this concern, up to 50% of the current workforce is four years from retirement. Companies must step up with a plan and a process to actively develop future leadership in every area.

Customers world-wide are expecting faster service and more value-driven products. Based on continuing demands in the marketplace, organizations need to step back and analyze which positions are primary to the business and then make certain that there is a pipeline of leaders being groomed and developed in those pivotal areas.  

Bixler Consulting Group provides more than 30 years of experience in the identification, growth, and development of high potential talent. We focus on understanding the organization's business, customer base, and culture.  With an informed perspective, our firm reviews any current succession plans, the existing evaluation process, and assumed leadership replacements. At that point, we provide our recommendations and a customized process for identifying and developing key leadership talent.